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Issues with pledges/known Patreon issues

Issue 1: I'm certain that this person has pledged, but they aren't coming up as processed. Why?

Patreon is an enigma.

  1. They may not be considered "processed" by the Patreon server, especially during the first five days of the month when everything is a little wonky in Patreontown.


  2. There may have been an issue with their pledge. Sometimes pledges are denied because of insufficient funds or because of a bank error or because the moon is in the seventh house. You could reach out and make sure that they didn't encounter an issue with their pledge, or wait 24-48 hours to see if it resolves.

Unfortunately, we at Cantaetion do not control the Patreon servers [yet] so we can't force pledges to process. We are working on updates to allow you to bypass the "processed/not processed" marker. 

Issue 2: I've subscribed to Cantaetion but I am unable to use the application

It takes the Patreon servers a few moments to realize that you have subscribed and send that information to Patronizer. We have seen it take as long as five minutes, even, so we ask that you wait patiently - and then, on minute six, try these:

  1. Reload the browser window or restart your Adobe application
  2. Sign out and sign back in to Patronizer
  3. Neither of those worked? Time to message us

Issue 3: I installed Patronizer and snakes manifested physically in my home

Please upgrade to a newer version of Google Chrome